Learning and Curriculum

Jonathan Goodman DipLCM(TD) ALCM(TD) MCCT

Why was the curriculum put in place in the first place? The National Curriculum was introduced in 1988 in all state schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure a standard education.

In 1990 Standard Assessment Tests (SAT's) were introduced in state school for seven year olds. In 1994 GCSE's were introduced to help distinguish the top students. In 1996 Religious education becomes required in all maintained schools. More and more testing and politically motivated changes. 2011 reverses 2007 policy and so on.

A broad and balanced curriculum would allow teachers to explore their subjects to develop interesting engaging lessons that fulfil the schools set targets and still have the freedom to go beyond if the class is able to. Students would be engaged by varied activities and lesson subjects promoting much more interesting learning. Teachers would work together to maximise student emersion in a particular theme through multiple activities in many subjects.